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Tooth repair and tooth care treatment

Tooth repair

You have recently or just now felt tooth hurt? You are searching for solution but pain doesn’t go away? Stop googling because you have found solution! In our Dentus Perfectus clinique we will relieve pain quickly and above all painlessly and effectively!

For example, when we find change on tooth surface first question of our patients is ”Do you have to grind it and will it hurt?”. Secondly, caries on teeth is easiest to spot, black or brown color is also sign that something is happening. Therefore tooth repair is ideal solution. In other words removing caries and white aesthetical filling will above all fix your problem.

Regural check-ups

Additionally regular check-ups are accordingly very important in our Dentus Perfectus clinique. We basically recommend to our patients to come 2 – 3 times a year. Because broken tooth is easiest to spot (caries in early stages does not hurt) or evidently visible ”whole” (painful and also sensitive to warm and cold too).

Firstly early diagnosis of caries and secondly quick tooth repair are key for stopping caries of eventually spreading and making problems. Because initial caries patient does not hurt and has not any symptoms besides changed tooth color. In this stage patient has brown or also black spots on teeth. Secondly in next stage that becomes caries and due to that tooth is sensitive on cold or bite. Sensitivity on cold is prolonged when tooth is broken, it hurts and pain gradually disappears through next 10 seconds and you can eventually see whole on that tooth. Therefore if you don’t react at that moment, in next phase tooth will hurt on warm and also cold and that means caries has gone deeper to the tooth nerve.

Therefore if you have tooth pain don’t worry, in addition tooth treatment, repairing or grinding are completely painful.

Does your tooth hurt on warm or cold?

When bacteria penetrate inside of your tooth, due to inflammation of the dental nerve occurs that as a result have sharp and strong pain. Therefore modern technology that we use as a result increases success of healing dental nerve and shortens duration of therapy. Finally don’t wait if you feel pain, call us immediately.

Because of using digital X ray diagnostics and due to machine root canal treatment it is possible to clean teeth root in one appointment from inflamed tissue.

Why was nerve extraction an unpleasant experience?

Firstly absence of effective anesthesia or also working on tooth without it caused unpleasant pain during root treatment. Due to experiences like that, this procedure is known as most unpleasant one in dentistry. In conclusion we use modern technology and this procedure is due to it completely painless.

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Dentus perfectus - popravak zuba

Your teeth hurt on warm and cold? Pain increases when you lie down?

Eventually your tooth started to hurt on its own? Because bacteria penetrate inside the tooth and results in strong pain. Therefore tooth repair, caries cleaning and also making the filling. Will not solve problem, above all we need to do heal treatment on teeth root. Repairing of the tooth is possible with making white filling of composite material or ceramic inlay. Both of materials have great aesthetics but when you are missing big part of your teeth it is better to do ceramic inlay or onlay due to resistance on chewing or bite.

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What is dental nerve inflammation?

Inside of the tooth is called tooth pulp and it represents space that contains nerve endings, blood vessels and tissue that is important for nourishment of the teeth trough time of sprouting and development. Therefore common name for inflammatory conditions of dental pulp is dental nerve inflammation. There are various causes for inflammation, most common one is deep caries. When it progresses bacteria goes into the pulp area and make products of metabolism that starts inflammation. Due to inability of spreading inflammation tissue in area and due to that swelling starts due to pressure on blood vessels and nerve endings in pulp. Therefore, it leads to decrease in blood supply and to stopping circulation and extinction. Pressure of inflamed tissue on nerve endings causes pain on warm and cold, in addition progression spreads pain to the face and head.

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Radiovisography (RVG)

Radiovisiography above all provides insight in the number, position and curvature of dental root and condition of jaw bone. For instance exact length of root canal is obtained with the ednometer, it is basic prerequisite to heal dental root successfully. In addition it is best to make 2 x-rays, one at the beginning of treatment and one at the end.

Dentus Perfectus clinique RVG shot of one tooth price is 65.00 HRK.

Dentus Perfectus clinique complete 2D orthopan tooth shot price is 200.00 HRK.

After cleaning root canal it is filled with gutta-percha, rubber mass and filling resin that allows 3D sealing and prevents re-entry of bacteria.

Dentus Perfectus clinique root canal treatment price is 300.00 HRK.

Dentus Perfectus clinique root canal treatment if it was previously treated and you need new filler for it price is 400.00 HRK.

Incisors usually have 1 root canal, premolars have 1-2 root canals, and molars usually have 3-4 root canals. Treatments usually takes 2 appointments, if it is bigger infection and abscesses it will require more appointments.

Depending on the tooth damage we will make white filling if caries didn’t damage teeth much or ceramic inlay or also overlay if damage is severe. In addition if teeth is fully damaged we will make dental crown (metal-ceramic, non-metal ceramic, zircon ceramic).

Dentus Perfectus clinique white composite filling price is from 300,00 to 400,00 HRK, ceramic inlay price is 1.200,00 HRK, while ceramic dental crown is from 1.500,00 HRK to 2.200,00 HRK.

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