Dentus perfectus - crown on implant


Implantation – what kind of procedure is it?

Implantation is for a start implant is installed below the level of the gums so you can’t see it directly in mouth. To clarify dental implant is located in the jaw bone. However they are not complete solution, they imitate dental teeth root but inner, invisible bearing part of structure. In contrast is visible one, dental crown or bridge that comes on dental implant. In between those two parts is supra structure.

How are dental implants installed?

In short, dental implants are titanium screws that attach to the missing tooth place in jaw bone. Simply, they replace lost teeth roots. Finally, they are support and can be standalone for one tooth (one crown) or in contrast for multiple teeth, more implants with dental bridge.

Implantation – candidates for procedures

Importantly every patient that lacks one or more natural teeth is candidate for dental implant placement. Firstly implant placement area is determined due to clinical evaluation, analysis and X-ray data. Based on position, length and diameter of future implant are rather determined on anatomical and morphological prepositions of jaw bone.

Most importantly insurance and durability of dental implants are determined due to overall health. Furthermore due to implants, as a result deterioration of the jaw bone is prevented and finally above all stability of other natural teeth.

In order to successful implementation we need to have enough volume of jaw bone. Often teeth loss leads to bone loss as a result. After that in conclusion, if bone is not voluminous enough we need to perform augmentation subsequently. That is process of grafting natural or artificial bone to provide extra volume in jaw bone. Due to this reason most importantly bone needs to heal for a few months.

Above all dental implant placement is certainly long term solution, after osseointegration implant coalesces with jaw bone. Finally, dental implant ensures stability to dental crown and as a result patient has natural feel while eating and talking.

Implantation placement procedure – what after?

Firstly, after implant placement it is necessary to take painkiller. In addition to that, avoid mouthwash due to possible bleeding, wash your teeth as usual. Eventually minimal bleeding is possible few hours after. Secondly, as a result swelling is not uncommon so it is not risk. Lastly in order to minimize or eventually to prevent cool the swollen area with ice pads. In order to that, for next eight hours, cool that place for 20 minutes with 10 minutes break. Due to that avoid soda and similarly hot beverages. Therefore if you smoke, you should probably avoid it for 24 hours due to procedure to avoid bleeding. Finally, stitches are finally removed after seven days.

Placement of dental implants

For start it is a small surgery that is performed under local anesthesia. Bearing is made with standard drills that match size and shape of dental implant. Therefore, implantation is quick and painless. Secondly, after if there is possibility of initial loading to dental implant we make tentative artificial tooth. As a result, in most cases for implant stability recovery period is minimum few weeks.

As a conclusion, osseointegration is process of direct adhesion of jaw bone to the dental implant. So period of healing lasts from 3 to 6 months. After that, construction is installed to dental implant so it is ready for dental caps or dental crown.

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