Dentus perfectus - what is all on 4?

All on 4

All on 4 dental implants is a concept of restoration treatment. As a result of toothlessness situation that involves installing four implants in the jaw bone. After that we create fixed dental bridge in next 24 hours. Furthermore this is revolutionary all on 4 dental implants method because of reduced number of required implants. As a result in contrast to prior 6-8 dental implants needed for a fixed dental bridge. Therefore process of All on 4 dental implant option is almost 24 hours due to rapid lifestyle. As a result patient has recovered dental situation with chewing function and secondly aesthetic side next day.

For who is All on 4?

First of all there are two situations that are successfully solved with all in 4 dental implants method. Furthermore, all in 4 dental implant method is primary for patients who have toothless jaw bone. Also probably problem with jaw bone and vomiting irritation. Another situation that makes candidates for all on 4 method are patients that has remaining teeth that probably cannot be repaired. Finally, those teeth are removed before installation of all on 4 dental implants.

All on 4 dental implant is for patients toothlessness situations or situations that lead to that. All on 4 procedure is fast and above all done in 24 hours.


All on 4 dental implant is scheduled in the morning due to 24hours laps time from preparation time to installation of temporary bridge as a result next day. Furthermore All on 4 dental implant is done under local anesthesia and lasts probably 120-180 minutes. Also it includes teeth extraction there is also modeling of the jaw ridge step in process.

Modeling of jaw bone levels the jaw bone line due to functionality and aesthetics of the dental bridge. Furthermore, 4 dental implants will be installed below the jaw bone line and Multi-unit abutments are fixed on them. Also multi-unit abutment allows parallelize to the output profiles of dental implants. As a result of smooth and passive contact of the bridge construction, and also those dental implants are after that fixed with screws on the bridge.

Dentus perfectus - all on 4 - temporary bridge

Construction of temporary bridge

Finally, after Multi-unit abutment fixation in All on 4 method, jaw bone print is taken and inter-jaw data is determined due to successfully making of temporary All on 4 dental implant bridge.

First few hours after procedure, patient try temporary bridge to outlay shape and size of teeth. Also bite and relation in contrast to jaw ridge. Furthermore, next day temporary bridge is bolted to the implants and first phase of all on 4 dental implant procedure is finished. Also, temporary bridge is made of acrylic and you will wear it for next six months.

All on 4 dental implants and bridge – after care. Above all hygiene and cleaning is specific and differs from cleaning techniques of natural teeth. Dental bridge is in one piece and has no space between teeth so it needs to be cleaned as a unit. All available surfaces of the bridge must be cleaned with toothpaste. Another step is cleaning the areas around the implants with oral shower (Waterpik or Philips Airfloss). So that will clean basal side of the bridge that is connected to the gums. Likewise,  in dental implant care important is dental floss. Use it to clean even more space between gums and bridge. Also, use mouthwash that does not contain alcohol, to disinfect oral cavity.

Above all you need to have regularly check-ups. Then your dental bridge can be removed and professionally cleaned and polished.

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All on 4 planning

All on 4 dental implant method was created to posterior parts of the jaw. Due to resorption of the jaw bone and proximity of anatomical structures. Therefore to get jaw bone volume for dental implants we need to perform augmentation or in addition nerve displacement. In conclusion, due to long duration of multiphase procedures and high cost, these procedures were not popular.

In contrast to the All on 4 dental implant method where they are mounted vertically. In the central part of the jaw bone, on the second place. After that posterior dental implants are mounted at the angle of 30 – 45 degrees. As a result implant protrudes from jaw bone in place of the second premolar. Importantly, because of this kind of implant placement we circumvent critical areas, for instance maxillary sinus in upper jaw and mandibular nerve in lower jaw.

Furthermore, procedure needs 3D CBCT jaw record data because of planning. As a result after that we can position implant precisely due to volume and density of the jaw bone. Another requirement is primary stability of the implant. Due to length, shape and surface in contrast to the bone quality on the other side, most importantly implant stability is achieved. Above all, we need all these factors to get temporary dental implant bridge in the 24 hours.

Dentus Perfectus dental clinique in All on 4 technique uses Nobel Active and Neodent GM implants.

All on 4 dental implants durability

Finally, dental implants after installation and recovery goes through osseointegration. As a result implants become part of body and remain permanently in the jaw bone. In contrast, implant bridge needs to be changed after 10 years, due to changes on the surrounding tissue.

Dentus perfectus - all on 4 - installation stages

Construction of a permanent bridge

Finally, six months after dental implant placement, as a result permanent dental bridge is made. Furthermore this period is even more necessary for the jaw tissue to become stable. Finally, change from temporary bridge to the permanent one is above all easy and painless. Therefore screws are taken out so bridge is simply removed. After removal of temporary bridge we take imprint of the jaw bone.

Moreover there are also four dental appointments that are required for permanent bridge making. First of all, two arrivals in two days. Secondly, two arrivals after two weeks. In the meantime the permanent bridge is in process, patient wears temporary bridge.

Dental implant permanent bridge making materials

Dental implant permanent bridge is made of hybrid metal acrylate, metal composite, metal ceramic and zirconia. Therefore, bridge connects dental implants. Bridge construction has holes for fixation screws into implants. Furthermore, construction is made out of metal or zircon. Model is made with laboratory implants and gets digitalized by scanning procedure and after that construction is computerized.

Above all metal construction of the dental implants is made using 3D printer, this technique provides probably most accurate structure without internal tension of metals. Also, metals are formed by the classical casting process due to large thermal oscillation. Zircon construction is obtained by milling from zirconia ceramic block.

Ceramic and composite materials

Finally, aesthetic material that is applied to construction can be composite or ceramic. Composite is hybrid material obtained by mixing ceramic particles into polymer resins that is plastic. As a result we got good properties from both materials. In other words ceramic particles give material strength, resistance and aesthetics in contrast to polymer resins. While polymer resins provide handling ease, rapid polymerization and affordable price. Finally, composite is great material for All on 4 dental implant technique. Certainly gives good aesthetics and ability to characterize color of teeth and gums. Also, it absorbs chewing stress that seems like to make wearing bridge more comfortable. Above all ceramics is best material for the highest aesthetics requirements, whether applied to metal or in contrast zircon construction. Another advantage of zircon construction is 3D color effect because it absorbs light passing through the layers of ceramics.

Dentus perfectus - all on 4 - construction of a permanent bridge

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