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We are here to make your smile happy & beautiful

“We are champions of saving your teeth! We are open to all your questions, we will patiently allay all your fears and will not allow you to feel unpleasant. Our only goal is to keep you satisfied, your teeth healthy, functional and beautiful.”

Vedran Šebečić
dr. med. dent.

Dentus perfectus - Vedran Šebečić - stomatološka ordinacija

“’We are here for you, we focus all of our attention and knowledge towards you, to leave our clinique happy and with smile on your face…”

Ana Marija Kelečić
dent. asistent

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Waiting for new patients

We are waiting for you and assure you that you will leave our clinique with smile. Consultations are big part of every treatment and we pay great attention to your needs. We make time in every appointment to have a talk with you and answer all of your questions, wishes, fears…


Offer value is 350,00 HRK for new patients price is 175,00 HRK!

  • Detailed dental examination with consultation and therapy plan
  • Digital orthopantomogram for all teeth or 4x intraoral RVG
  • In our package we include comfortable and smiling dental experience!
Dentus perfectus - stomatološka ordinacija

↓ Keep scrolling down to explore who we are ↓

Price list

These are prices for the most common services

  • First appointment
    150 kn
    (see offer for new patients)
  • Digital image
    65 kn
    individual tooth (RVG)
  • Digital orthopantomogram
    200 kn
    image of all teeth (see offer for new patients)
  • Professional ultrasound calculus cleaning
    300 kn
    with sandblasting and teeth polishing
  • Tooth repair white
    300-400 kn
    high aesthetic composite filler
  • Tooth root treatment
    300-1.200 kn
    per canal (1-4 canals)
  • Revision of tooth root treatment (1-4 canals)
    400-1.600 kn
    this procedure is done after previously unsuccessful treatment
  • Ceramic crown
    1.500-2.400 kn
    per tooth
  • Tooth veneers
    2.500 kn
    per tooth
  • Tooth extraction
    300-500 kn
  • Installation of dental implant
    3.300 kn
    Neodent Straumann
  • Installation of dental implant
    4.500 kn
    Nobel Biocare
  • Suprastructure on implant
    1.000-1.500 kn
  • Sinus lift
    3.000-5.000 kn
  • Teeth whitening
    1.500-1.950 kn
    (2-4 cycles)

VAT is not calculated according to act 39 VAT law.
For cash payment for amounts above 1.000,00 HRK we give 5% discount.
Rate payments are available through Zaba cards (2-36 rates), PBZ Visa and Diners

Special offer for our patients

Dentus perfectus - Lastovska 12a - stomatološka ordinacija

Our location

In Zagreb, in  Savica , neighborhood is our Dentus Perfectus clinique. In addition we are just 10 minutes car ride from city center. However if you don’t drive it is easy on the other hand to come with one of many accessible transportation possibilities, for instance: Tramway numbers 6,7,8

Taxi platforms Radio Taxi Zagreb, Cammeo and others.

Above all our Dentus Perfectus clinique is fresh, also comfortable place that provides you not only calm environment but also full high quality treatment that will fit above all your needs. In short we offer your health and aesthetical modern technology care. Your healthy teeth are our first goal but your beautiful smile is as important as health. Finally your smile will get quality and above all comfortable treatment and you will feel like you are in a SPA. Finally we individualize every appointment to your needs and start with consultations.

Therefore if there is problem that you are not sure how to solve we will detect cause and in addition find best solution for you that will fit all your needs. For solving any problem we use modern, safe and high quality materials and technology from renowned manufacturers.

We are at your disposal for all questions!

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